Experi-Magic, a science and magic spectacular, will take place at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 20 at 49 Franklin in Rumford in the lower level Fernand Room.
It is the party to celebrate the awesome, the amazing, the incredible world of science and magic. Science is wonderful, and amazing yet explainable. Magic is wonderful and amazing and many times unexplainable. Come early for seating and the pre-show to see a special optical illusion slide show. A full pub menu will be available for purchase.
Nicholas R. Graham is a lifelong student of the sciences, it has intrigued and interested him since he was five years old. Nick continuously studies and learns about the wonders of space, time earth and the mind. Nick has hosted several science parties where guests can come in and try hands on experiments and will have several hands on experiments as part of the post show following the Experi-Magic performances.
Many of Nick’s experiments seem like magic but they all have an explanation. Nick plans to perform the popular “Elephant Toothpaste” a chemical reaction that gets audible gasps. Nick says “Come to Experi-Magic and we’ll teach you a kid-friendly version of elephant toothpaste that only requires some basic household chemicals and adult supervision. Then watch as we super-size the experiment during the show, using some super-secret chemicals that pack a bit more of a kick!” Come see what other great experiments and demonstrations he has in store for Experi-Magic!
Scot Grassette is Western Maine’s premier magician. He has studied and practiced magic for over 35 years. Many of the effects that Scot will

demonstrated are experiments that seem to have no explanation, his magic will leave you in complete wonder that you will take home with you.

Many magic effects through history have roots in science.
At the discovery of electricity magicians capitalized on the wonders of electric light, magnetism, and other scientific discoveries. Come see the magical effects he has up his sleeve for this fun-filled evening. Grassette and Graham play off each other together to present an amazing, amusing and always incredible evening of spectacular magic and science experiments. They want you to decide, which do you enjoy the most; science or magic, they’re guessing you’ll love the entire show!
Tickets are $10 at the door but special advanced tickets are only $6, and are available at Bartash’s and All That Jazz on Congress Street in Rumford and on-line at . Doors open at 5 p.m. for seating and a special optical illusion slide show. A special menu will be available for optional purchase.
Group reservations are available for guests who plan to eat with us. Call 369-0129 to reserve. Stay for the post show to participate in some special hands-on experiments that everyone can try.

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