I don’t know how others feel but I am tired of the extremely loud music coming from some vehicles (and some homes, but mostly cars). And it is not even music at all, just boom, boom, boom.

I have read that people don’t like loud motorcycles. Let me just say that when a motorcycle stops at a light, I cannot hear it until it starts up again. But when a car (with the noise blaring) stops at a red light, the sound doesn’t stop. Or if that car is parked, the noise keeps going. I can’t hear anything else.

As for being able to hear firetrucks, police cars or ambulance sirens, I don’t think emergency vehicles would be easy to hear coming over that noise, if at all.

It’s like driving with a cellphone — you cannot pay attention properly if you are on the phone while driving. Same thing goes for that offensive music. Not everyone likes it.

I would rather hear the motorcycles. They have a better sound and they go away.

Phyllis Caron, Lewiston

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