Thomas Shields’ claim “The Democrats trend toward serving their party, whereas the Republicans serve the people,” has no basis in reality. Here’s why.

Nationally Republicans are involved in efforts to:

— Make it harder for poor and minorities to vote;

— Remove women’s rights to their healthcare choices, making legal abortion services harder to find — two states passing legislation forcing women to have invasive, government-ordered vaginal ultrasounds;

— Voted 54 times to kill the highly successful Affordable Care Act;

— Held unemployed Americans hostage several times, refusing to extend unemployment benefits; and


— Cut $8.7 billion from food stamps, affecting children, seniors and veterans alike.

Under Gov. Paul LePage’s guidance, Maine is now: 41st in GDP, 47th in economic growth, 48th in job growth, 49th  in income growth, and 50th in places to do business.

LePage attacked Social Security and Medicare as “Welfare, pure and simple.”

LePage and candidate Bruce Poliquin focus on welfare as a demon, killing jobs. Somehow, helping poor, disadvantaged Mainers drags Maine’s economy down. Welfare fraud is illegal, period. To make it the main issue of focus is ridiculous.

The economy and unemployment continue to improve. A result of President Obama’s policies, not Republicans’ or LePage’s. Republicans stand for big business, special interests, and continue to obstruct government and demonize the poor.

That is all Mainers really need to know about them.

Corporations in Maine received big tax cuts. They are people now and the only people Republicans serve. Where’s mine again?

Voting Republican has no basis in reality.

David Marquis, Lewiston

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