Recently, many people received a deceptive mailer from the Maine Democrat Party saying that Sen. John Cleveland supported welfare reform. Don’t believe a word of it.

Cleveland voted against every single welfare reform proposal of significance.

Cleveland voted to allow welfare spending on alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets and junk food. He voted against work search requirements for the able-bodied, and voted to allow welfare spending in Las Vegas and Disney World.

Cleveland didn’t only oppose welfare reform, he fought against it tooth and nail.

The fact that Cleveland is now trying to back-peddle away from his voting record shows something worse. He knew the people he represents wanted welfare reform, but he chose to vote with Portland party leadership instead.

Someone who obeys the Portland special interests before his own constituents shouldn’t be representing them in Augusta.

I will, instead, support Eric Brakey for the Maine Senate.

Lois Snowe-Mello, Poland

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