AUBURN — A Woodstock man will face no additional jail time after pleading guilty to raping a friend in Bethel while she was sleeping three years ago.

As part of the plea deal with prosecutors at the Androscoggin County Superior Court on Wednesday, Spencer Glover, 32, agreed to a 10-year prison sentence with all but 20 months suspended He was credited for the 20 months already served and will be a lifelong sex-offender registrant. 

The case was scheduled to be retried by a jury next week at the Oxford County Superior Court in South Paris after a jury found Glover guilty on one count of Class B gross sexual assault in 2012.

He was later sentenced to serve six years in prison. However, in March, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court vacated that decision on appeal after finding the lower court erred and deprived Glover of his rights.

Maine’s highest court found that prosecutors never should have been allowed to enter into evidence Glover’s refusal to voluntarily submit to a warrantless DNA test before he was arrested.

Glover also pleaded guilty to criminal operating under the influence after he was pulled over and arrested in Rumford on Sunday. He was credited for the 48 hours spent in jail and ordered to pay a $500 fine.


His attorney, Walter McKee, said the two days Glover spent in jail changed his client’s mind about another jury trial.

“Spencer was adamant that he committed no crime that night. But in the end, the possibility of going back to jail — even if it was a small possibility — was too much for him to risk.”

Glover sat still, except for his shaking hands, staring straight ahead as the victim, and then her mother, read a disposition aloud, several feet away. 

“Just as I thought the wound was beginning to heal, it was gashed wide open again,” the victim said.

She said Glover had not once expressed remorse for his actions, and she found the admission of guilt disingenuous.

“He did what no person should ever do,” she said. “He raped me.” 


The woman’s mother said the retrial filled them with anxiety, and they dreaded the prospect of it.

“As I thought about what I would say to you today, I realized the names like ‘monster’ would not describe you,” she said. “The most fitting names for you are coward, liar, rapist. You are not a man.”  

By pleading guilty to the charge, Glover gave up his right to appeal the latest decision.

Assistant District Attorney Joseph O’Connor told Justice Clifford that if the case had gone to trial, the state would have presented “95 to 98 percent” of the evidence from the previous trial.

According to O’Connor, in January 2011, Glover took advantage of a woman who had been drinking with other friends at his former home in Bethel.

Rather than letting her drive home drunk, he and a friend took her to an upstairs bedroom, where later Glover entered the room and had sex with the woman while she was asleep.


O’Connor said the woman woke up during the assault and told him to leave, but he returned once more.

Glover said that if the case had moved ahead to trial, he would have disputed some of the evidence, but he acknowledged that the evidence presented by the state could lead to a jury conviction.

He declined to address the court.

Glover will have three years of probation and is barred from drinking alcohol. He is subject to random search and seizure, can have no contact with the victim or her family and must go through a substance abuse rehabilitation program.

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