According to research by Raise The Minimum Wage, “minimum wage increases do not reduce employment.” Also a study by the Economic Policy Institute shows raising the minimum wage would give working families more money, which would create more spending, hence more demand, helping small businesses. Consumers are the real job creators.

In a poll by the National Federation of Independent Businesses, small business owners indicated “low sales revenue” as their main concern. Business owners found that it wasn’t that low-wage workers earned too much, but that their customers earned too little.

Currently, 28 states have expanded Medicaid, with some Republican governors seeing the benefits instead of playing games. States are concerned about hospitals facing growing financial challenges, which will lead to a reduction in services and the risk of rural hospitals closing their doors. Medicaid expansion is good for Maine.

I’m voting for the candidate who understands, Nathan Libby.

Diane Poirier, Lewiston

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