This is in rebuttal to the letters of David Marquis (Sept. 19) and Richard Jensen (Sept. 21) who responded to my letter of Sept. 14.

Marquis accused the Republicans of making it harder for the poor and minorities to vote. Not true. Republicans want clean elections instead of the Democrats manipulating the poor and minorities to vote fraudulently.

Marquis said Republicans voted 54 times to kill the “highly successful” Affordable Care Act. Probably true. The U.S. House of Representatives persisted in trying to cancel that onerous socialistic act, only to be blocked by Democrats in the Senate. This health insurance law is costly in higher deductibles and co-pays, large federal subsidies, increased taxes and removal of personal freedom of choice. Unions, political cronies of the Democrats and Congress have been exempted from it.

Maine Republicans inherited 40 years of Democratic policy in 2010. It will require more than a two-year majority to clean up the mess. A start was made with the hospital debt being paid, the turnpike and housing commission scandals solved, taxes eliminated for low income Mainers and hundreds of private sector jobs created.

The welfare programs were changed to encourage able-bodied individuals to work, thus reducing the waiting lists for services for the truly needy.

The people of Maine are served by Republican prudent and skillful management of Maine government and its programs. Yes, it is not perfect, mistakes are made, but the aim is for a better life for the citizens of Maine and not for the power of the party.

Thomas Shields, Auburn

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