St. Mary’s

Charlie Elizabeth Fortier, a girl to Nikki and Charles Fortier of Auburn, July 19. Siblings, Brandon, Cameron, Kylie and Alexandria; grandparents, Wayne and Debbie Ward, Lewiston, Jack and Martha Wiseman, Mechanic Falls, Manlee Shaw, Danville.

Cameron Xavier White, a boy to Loni and Augustus White of Auburn, Aug. 22. Sibling, Tavian; grandparents, Yvonne and Scott Needham, Auburn, James Dion, Sabattus, Cynthia White and Keith Jolin, Lewiston, Raymond White, Auburn.

Zade Grayson Adams, a boy to Kaitlyn Baker and Danny Adams of Lewiston, Sept. 1. Grandparents, Lynn Baker, Vermont, Lee Baker, Newburgh; great-grandparents, Phil and Sherillee Baker, Winterport, Phillip and Priscilla Hawkins, Vermont.

Ethan Marcel Knowles, a boy to Maeghan and Andrew Knowles of Livermore, Sept. 1. Siblings, Aiden and Mason; grandparents, Nancy Baldwin, Sabattus, Barry Baldwin, Durham, Iris and Russell Knowles, Manchester; great-grandparents, Carmen Charest, Lewiston, Rena Hinkley, Pittston, Joann Knowles, Manchester.

Greta Madeline Flynn, a girl to Jordann and Ryan Flynn of Lewiston, Sept. 3. Sibling, Hazel; grandparents, Jim and Jennifer Talbot, Turner, Tim and Karen Flynn, Bowdoin; great-grandparents, Cora Mugford, Bowdoin.

Wyatte Farwell, a boy to Hillary Groves and Thomas Farwell of Harrison, Sept. 3. Sibling, Dominic; grandparents, Julie Bennett and Brian Alexander, Lewiston, Mindy and Mark Ferguson, Mechanic Falls, Leo Groves, Dan and Donna Farwell, Naples; great-grandparents, Charie and Harlan Barker, Norway.

Serenity Rae St. Laurent, a girl to Chantel St. Laurent and Billy Allison of Leeds, Sept. 3. Sibling, Tristan; grandparents, Tracy Barker and Ray St. Laurent, Greene, Barbara Allison and Billy Allison, Auburn; great-grandparents, Penny and Stan Bubier, Greene.

Silas James Smith, a boy to Laura Pendexter and Jessie Smith of Auburn, Sept. 4. Siblings, Elijah and Luke; grandparents, George and Judy Pendexter, Auburn, Rain Smith, Auburn; great-grandparents, Alice and Walter Forbus, Auburn.

Waylon Scott Knightly, a boy to Caitlin Henderson and Tyler Knightly of Hartford, Sept. 5. Siblings, Wyatt and Isabelle; grandparents, Stephen and Beverly Henderson, Hartford, Stephanie Knightly, South Paris; great-grandparents, RoseMary and Edision Henderson, Hartford, Joy and Leon Mefford, South Paris.

Parker Randall Dostie, a boy to Barbara Turner and Nate Dostie of Lewiston, Sept. 5. Siblings, Ryan and Brooklyn-Marie; grandparents, Angela Bunnell, Standish, Randy Dostie, Mt. Vernon, Lynn Adams, Auburn.

Francesca Mary Vagnozzi, a girl to Catherine and Dan Vagnozzi of Lewiston, Sept. 6. Sibling, Giuliana; grandparents, Colleen and Michael Vagnozzi, Pennsylvania, Albert and Albina Naticchia, Austrialia; great-grandparent, Caterina Morabito, Australia.

Vitoria Julio Ebondo, a girl to Ana Julio and Francisco Cassongo of Lewiston, Sept. 7. Siblings, Andre, Alice, Monica and Esther; grandparents, Andre Ebondo and Alice Molo, Dominican Republic, Julio Fingui and Rosaria Maria, Angola; great-grandparents, Jean-Cassongo and Elisabeth Nianzobe, Dominican Republic, Pedro Lucombo and Luisa Die Luvuidi, Angola.

HazelRae Castillo Barnies, a girl to Lorelle Castillo and Jeremy Barnies of Lewiston, Sept. 7. Siblings, Skyler and Gaberiel; grandparents, Peter and Carlene Barnies, Auburn.

Lincoln James Early, a boy to Crystal and Justin Early of New Gloucester, Sept. 9. Grandparents, Paul Clement and Karen Hannasch, Sabattus, Beverly Hill, Lisbon Falls, Kent Early, Colorado, Al and Mette Hayes, Colorado; great-grandparents, James Hannasch, Colorado, Anna and Loren Hellbusch, Kansas.

Bran Nipawset Lola, a boy to Erin Nichols and Nakoma Lola of Lewiston, Sept. 9. Siblings, Aiden, Michael and Rachel; grandparents, Cheryle Lola, Lewiston, Justin Lola, Princeton.

Mya Grace Roy, a girl to Tia Roy of Sabattus, Sept. 10. Grandparents, Terry Gamache, Sabattus, Patrick Roy, Lisbon Falls; great-grandparents, Joe and Barbara Gamache, Litchfield.

Orion Patterson Trexler, a boy to Suzanne L. Clark and Patrick O. Trexler of Lewiston, Sept. 11. Sibling, Hadley; grandparents, Katherine Quinn Trexler, Terry and Sue Trexler, Lisbon Falls, Virginia L. Clark and Michael Martinez, Thomas D. and Debbie Clark, Florida.

Summer Rose Gatts, a girl to Cassidy Murray-Gatts of Lewiston, Sept. 14. Grandparents, Wayne Gatts, Lewiston, Lisa Gatts, Lewiston.

Teyo Raymond Arroyo Dyer, a boy to Dawn Dyer and Eric Schaaf of Auburn, Sept. 14. Siblings, Nathaniel, Brianna, Jaquelyn and Katlyn; grandparents, Peter C. and Joan E. Dyer, Poland.

Kairi Elise Rand, a girl to Amber Thomas of Lewiston, Sept. 16. Siblings, Skylar and Jayden; grandparents, Tonie and Charles May, Lisbon, Debby Thomas, Joseph Albert, Lewiston, Larry Blais, Auburn; great-grandparents, Roland and Anita Mary Breton, Maine.

Wyatt Robert Boulanger, a boy to Megan Hlister and Sean Boulanger of Poland, Sept. 16. Grandparents, Michael Hlister and Roseanna Waterman, Sabattus, Diana Sargent and Glen Boulanger, Lewiston; great-grandparents, Andrew Hlister and Susan McKown, Steven Waterman, Sabattus, Jeannine Boulanger and Norm and Monita Cote, Auburn.

Caroline Grace Jameson, a girl to Rebecca and Scott Jameson of Poland, Sept. 17. Siblings, Savannah and Emmalyn; grandparents, Tom and Judy Goss, Poland, Scott and Lise Jameson, Connecticut.

Elli Mae Richmond Allen, a girl to Heather Harvey and Lee Allen Jr. of Buckfield, Sept. 18. Siblings, Zakory, Kaleb, Krosby, Alisha and Kaylee; grandparents, Bradford and Barbara Brackett, Livermore, Helen and Lee Allen Sr., Auburn; great-grandparents, Norman “Stubby” and Gloria Chicoine, Livermore, Elli and Robert Allen, Massachusetts.

Ashtyn Hailey Bryant, a girl to Nichole and Troy Bryant of Mechanic Falls, Sept. 18. Siblings, Adelyn and Alyvia; grandparents, Robin Arris, Mechanic Falls, Michael Daignault, Mechanic Falls, Jeffrey and Julie Bryant, Pennsylvania, Lisa Daignault, Sabattus.

Abbott Marshall Twitchell, a boy to Sheila and Jesse Twitchell of Turner, Sept. 18. Sibling, Ava; grandparents, Gard and Shirley Twitchell, Turner, Jodie and David Hinkley, Turner; great-grandparents, Christine and Herbert Hinkley, Turner, Bill and Sally Roberts, Turner.

Gianni Joseph Mallozzi, a boy to Bonnie Cabral and Joseph Mallozzi Jr. of Lewiston, Sept. 18. Grandparents, Joseph Cabral, Auburn, Loretta Yalian, Lewiston, Joseph Mallozzi Sr., Lewiston.