David Marquis’ letter (Sept. 19) was so ridiculous that I wasn’t going to respond until it hit me that if people are swallowing the daily lies that President Obama and Mike Michaud are throwing out there, people might even believe him.

Marquis complained that Republicans are pushing for voter identification at polling places. Is that such an outrageous idea? It is being proposed to help cut down on rampant voter fraud.

I broke out laughing when I read in his letter, “The Republicans voted 54 times to kill the highly successful Affordable Care Act.” Successful? Democrats passed it without even reading it, in the dark of the night. Ask the millions of people who are still uninsured, such as my son, if they think that ridiculously expensive and ill-thought-out piece of legislation has been highly successful.

The Republicans constantly voted for unemployment benefit extensions until it became clear that a huge number of recipients no longer looked for work and opted to live indefinitely off unemployment.

Marquis criticized Gov. LePage by submitting bogus numbers and overlooking the fact that Maine’s unemployment rate is far below the national average of 6.2 percent which, in reality, is closer to 11 percent when taking into consideration those who have stopped looking for work.

This has been the slowest economic recovery in our history due to the failed policies of this administration. The liberal/Democratic solution to everything is tax and spend. Thanks to Obama we are over $17 trillion in debt.

Cornelius Swanton, Rangeley

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