I have always been insured and count myself lucky that I have access to quality health care. I have friends however, who struggled through sickness before they could access insurance through jobs. I know a person who went without needed medications due to cost. Access to needed medication was crucial for this person and her condition worsened and she came close to hospitalization.

Maine is the only state in New England to refuse federal funds for Medicaid expansion. The reluctance of Maine’s elected leaders is putting people’s health and even lives at risk.

For instance, Maine’s low-income women are less likely to seek out medical services due to not being insured. Expansion of Medicaid would assist that segment of the population in receiving reproductive care (birth control); breastfeeding support; preventive care (mammograms and pap smears; vaccinations; screening for domestic violence and counseling; and make prescriptions more affordable.

Expanding Medicaid would not only benefit the women receiving the medical services, but their families, and communities, by meeting a basic human need.

Mainers need to unite and fight for Medicaid expansion.

Ashley Kasik, Mechanic Falls

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