DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have two sewing machines to give away. One is an old Singer 66 in a cabinet and the other is a portable Singer machine. Both machines have been serviced and are ready to go.

We would like to donate them to a church group or civic organization, first come, first served.

We are in our new location at 293 Auburn Road (Route 4) in Turner next to Paris Farmers Union. We moved to Turner just over the line from Auburn, 5.3 miles north of the Auburn Plaza (our old location). — Ron Blake, Cote Bros. Sewing Machines, 207-225-5920, [email protected],

DEAR SUN SPOTS: We are looking for someone who makes scrubs. We will provide the fabric.

Hopefully there is someone out there in addition to the seamstresses you already have in your Rolodex. Perhaps someone who sews as a a hobby? Caregivers like to brighten patients’ lives with seasonal prints. Thank you so much. — Seamless in Lewiston

ANSWER: Sun Spots guesses you are looking for volunteers rather than paying professionals? But how are they to get in touch with you? You asked Sun Spots not to use your name. Perhaps including your phone number would have been OK, but Sun Spots needs specific permission to do so. Please let her know.

As for the scrubs, perhaps a local group or school might undertake the project?

DEAR SUN SPOTS: A co-worker of mine with lots of yarn asked if I knew anyone who might knit mittens for needy youth. I told her that I’d send her request for knitters to your readers, who are always willing to help. Her name is Lori Hart, and she can be reached at 577-7620.

I also want to thank those of your readers who have taken jewelry to the YWCA for the Christmas fair. The new fair date is Nov. 22. Thanks, Sun Spots readers! — Maryann, [email protected]

ANSWER: Lori is in luck. Coincidentally, the following email came just about the same time as yours.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Winter is on the way, and my sister and I like to keep busy with knitting and crocheting — nothing fancy, baby blankets, scarves, some hats, and shawls.

After supplying family members with more of these knitted/crocheted projects than they need, we are still at it. I know there have to be many nonprofits out there that we can donate our finished work to. I do donate shawls to Androscoggin Home Health. Would like to connect with other community places to donate to. — [email protected], 576-1208

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I wanted to thank you for running our peace about shawls in Sun Spots. We had an incredible response and have about 70 people willing to knit and/or crochet for us. Some of these people are also bringing it to their knitting groups. This is such a great resource for our community. Thank you again! — Kathy Baillargeon, volunteer supervisor, Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice, 800-482-7412, ext. 1286

DEAR SUN SPOTS: If anyone has yarn they don’t need, I would like it. I enjoy knitting. It passes the day. I don’t have a car. If you could bring the yarn to me, I will pay for your gas. — Germaine Nolan, Lewiston, 207-777-1593

DEAR SUN SPOTS: We would like to hear from any of your readers who worked in any of the department stores on Lisbon Street in Lewiston in the 1940s, ’50s or ’60s, when Lisbon Street was the place to do your shopping.

If you did and you’re interested in a get-together, please join us on Oct. 22. We would like to hear from you. — Georgette, 207-782-0204; Teri, 207-782-3349

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