I have been hiking and hunting in Maine for 50 years. I have put venison in the freezer and have my “Big Buck” patch. Yet I can count on my fingers the number of bears I have seen.

There is nothing sporting about training bears to come to a bait site. The buckets look like trash cans, while jelly doughnuts (bear heroin) will induce bears to not fear the smell of humans or human food. Bears are encouraged to look for dumpsters instead of foraging.

I thank Kate Hansberry and the Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting for exposing the truth surrounding offensive commercials I helped pay for.

Baiting bears creates problem bears, but the issue isn’t about problem bears, it is about money.

Shame on the rifleman who murders those beautiful creatures just to put a rug on the floor. If you ain’t gonna eat it, why kill it?

“Human beings aren’t the only species on Earth, we just act like it.” — Unknown

Bobbi Wilner, Norway

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