Whether that means scoring the game-winning goal, playing a different position than her usual offensive role or taking charge on the field, Newbill will do whatever it takes. 

“She’s just been great,” Mt. Blue coach Jody Harmon said. “She’s one of our captains. When she picks up the intensity it helps bring the intensity to the entire field. She’s got the speed and the desire and she’s an excellent player. She’s been a great captain. She’s been very reliable and hard working throughout the season.” 

Newbill has had a knack for scoring crucial goals this season. She netted the game-winning goal in double overtime against both Oxford Hills and Cony during the Cougars’ current six-game winning streak. 

The wins and the goals are a nice bonus for Newbill, but playing as a team is what she enjoys the most about being a captain. 

“It’s a leadership role, definitely, but the main thing I see it as is you’re trying to inspire your team,” Newbill said. “You want to make sure this team is a family. You’re all doing this for each other. When you do that together, it makes all of us look better.”

What sets Newbill apart from the rest is her speed. She’s almost always the fastest player on the field and is able to speed past defenders to loose balls. The only person that seems to be faster than Newbill is Father Time, as the Mt. Blue captain has seen her senior season fly by. 

“It’s been so fast,” Newbill said. “It’s been going by faster than any other season I’ve had before, but I love it. We have such a great team. We have so much tact with the team. Everyone’s real close. It’s nice to see we can get wins often. It’s nice to see we can get that mindset where it’s team oriented. A lot of times you have teams where people want to get it for themselves and forget it’s everyone who helps a team win.” 

Newbill shares the captain role with fellow senior Taylor Hollingdale. Together, they lead a group of four seniors, two juniors, seven sophomores and four freshmen. There have been growing pains, especially early in the season when Mt. Blue opened the season with a 5-1 loss to Lawrence and a 4-0 loss at Skowhegan. The Cougars have won eight of their last nine since starting 0-2, the only blemish being a 2-1 loss to Messalonskee.

On the field, Newbill’s biggest contribution is on offense, but she has dabbled as a back. She began her varsity career as a defender during her freshman season. She returned to that role once this season in what Harmon said was “one of her best games.” 

“You have to change it up for games if you need to and I know I can do it,” Newbill said. “If you need someone back there who’s going to help the girls out then you got to do what you got to do.” 

The Cougars currently sit in fourth place in the Heal Point standings with three games remaining in the regular season. Mt. Blue hosts Skowhegan and Oxford Hills and travels to Mt. Ararat. 

Regardless of how the final month of Newbill’s field hockey high school career goes, she’ll continue to put the team before herself. 

“A lot of times you’re like ‘I’m a senior, I want it to be my big year,’ but it’s not about that,” Newbill said. “It’s about the team and about the family aspect of it.” 

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