More monsters to hunt. More dark caves to glimpse.

Maybe more of a Durham man trying to use his friends as bait . . . 

After a debut on the Discovery Channel last month, the rest of the six-episode season of “Monsters Underground” will run on Destination America this month.

Destination America announced this week that new episodes will air Oct. 10 and Oct. 17 at 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

The first two episodes will be rebroadcast on Oct. 24.

The show follows Bill Brock of Durham as he leads a doctor, a survivalist/fellow Bigfoot hunter and a professional boxer down dark crevasses in search of local legends.


Brock said Friday that he’s received a lot of positive feedback so far. 

“I got to play my show for a group of people at a Skunk Ape conference,” he said. “Everyone seemed to be on the edge of their seats.”

Another bonus: More sighting reports are coming his way, including one of a white Bigfoot somewhere in Maine.

“It was sighted by a young man while helping his brother set up a tree stand,” Brock said. “We are excited to investigate any sighting we hear about. We really like to get there in 48 hours or less (to look for DNA). That seems to be the time we start losing evidence due to weather and other unforeseen things that can go wrong.”

Sightings can be reported to the team via Facebook at

— Kathryn Skelton

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