I want to share a few words about my son, Eric Brakey, who is running for Maine Senate.

Our family has lived in New Gloucester for five generations. Although my other children live elsewhere, Eric lives nearby in Auburn. He is committed to helping young people find careers here in Maine.

The only letters I read supporting his opponent, John Cleveland, are from other politicians who all share the same political party. This is a game of political back-scratching. Hasn’t there been enough of that?

His opponents childishly and desperately attack him but he won’t lower himself to their level and continues a positive campaign, meeting people at their homes. I am proud of him for that. Unlike his detractors who care about power, he cares about people.

Is my opinion biased? Sure, I am his mother. But unlike Cleveland’s biased politician friends, I actually live in the district.

Cindy Brakey, New Gloucester

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