Flushing out hunger

A very colorful toilet, painted in Mountain Valley High School colors of blue and silver, has begun appearing in front of local businesses.
One of those business was Riverside Realty in Mexico.
In an email to the Times on Friday, Roger Whitehouse, owner of Riverside Realty, stated that is business “has been flushed by the Falcons of Mountain Valley High.” A donation requested to flush out hunger with donations of $10 or more to the Good Shepherd’s fundraising program. A challenge made by the high school students.
“Very ingenious! They won me over and therefore Riverside Realty will donate $100! And we challenge other Real Estate Agencies and other businesses to do the same,” noted Whitehouse.
“A full stomach does not know the same feelings as an empty one. Way to go students of Mountain Valley High!” he said.
Brenda Cayer, Student Council advisor, said Friday there was a waiting list of seven businesses. There is now a second toilet going out.
This is part of the School Spirit Challenge, the purpose of which is to raise the most pounds of food between September 12 and October 31. Money is even better because $1 equals five pounds of food.
The toilets are moved from place to place by the Student Council members, but it has to be the older students as most of the freshmen and sophomores don’t have driver’s licenses.

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