This is in response to letters from Cornelius Swanton (Oct. 1) and Glen Chateauvert (Oct. 4) concerning my response (Sept. 19) to a letter by Thomas Shields (Sept. 14).

All three claim Republicans want clean elections to eliminate voter fraud — a popular claim by Republicans. Since 2000, there have been 31 documented cases of voter fraud nationally. Hardly an epidemic keeping liberals in power. Some were cases of two people having the same name; one committed by a Wisconsin conservative trying to keep Gov. Scott Walker in power.

Voter I.D. laws affect poor, minority and elderly voters, who tend to vote liberal. Some of these elderly have been voting their whole lives, yet now must spend time and money obtaining forms of identification never required in their lifetime.

The Affordable Care Act is successful and doing exactly what it is designed to do, get Americans insured. People’s premiums are based on ability to pay. Those who can’t afford insurance qualify for expanded Medicaid coverage. Its only failure? States such as Maine whose governors refuse to expand Medicaid.

If the ACA is so bad, instead of obstructing government, where was the Republican plan? Republicans offered absolutely nothing to help Americans through the tough times. Claims that people would rather live off unemployment, or that Gov. LePage’s numbers are bogus, is ridiculous rhetoric. Like many, I work for a living and built a business on my own hard work.

Opinions are not facts. None of those letter writers offered facts, just rhetoric. I believe Mainers are smarter than that.

David Marquis, Lewiston

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