The options for the Maine governor’s race are, sadly, repetitious. Doesn’t Eliot Cutler remember? It is the same setup now as before, with votes for him cancelling out votes for the Democratic candidate, giving Paul LePage a free ride.

And what is with Angus King’s stupid support of Cutler? Again, it will just help LePage.

Up until now, LePage has managed to dodge any debates. He has not had to face up to his mistakes, his sarcasms, negativity and inability to speak decently and properly.

Cutler, however, has a great chance for an historical, never-before news headline. He can drop out of the race and suggest his supporters switch to Mike Michaud in order to not sadly, fatally repeat the past governor’s election. I am sure Michaud could find some important office for him, once elected.

Cutler could make history.

Stephen Drane, Auburn

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