Since its inception in January of 2009, Maine credit union members have driven away with some big savings thanks to the “Invest in America” program. Invest in America is credit unions’ auto loan discount program with auto manufacturers General Motors Corp. and Chrysler Corp. With discounts ranging from $500-$1,000 for credit union members plus additional incentives, the Invest In America program has translated into significant savings for Maine credit union members who have bought GM or Chrysler cars.

The program also promotes products and services from United States-based companies, providing a stimulus for our economy. Since it began, a total of 1,654 new GM or Chrysler cars have been sold to credit union members in Maine through this program. On a national level, credit union members have saved $420 million on vehicle purchases, with 560,502 vehicles sold through Invest in America.

In addition to vehicles,

also offers savings on American products you use every day, from the fun, like flowers, to the practical, like tax services. You can find all of the details by visiting

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