Lately, I have become very concerned about the aggression against black people going on in this country.

Recently, I saw another video of a policeman humiliating, bullying and then assaulting a black man who was a passenger in a car stopped for breaking a seat belt law.

That kind of thing happens over and over again, and it has gone on forever, from the time that blacks were first brought to this country in chains.

Seeing it makes me ashamed of the culture we have created. Why are black teenagers afraid to go out into the street or even sit in their cars in a gas station playing their music, even if it is too loud? One of those kids paid with his life.

There are so many of those kinds of stories from police beating someone for little reason to other white folks deciding they must kill in order to feel safe.

I don’t know of a single police officer who has lost his freedom for killing someone like that with little justification.

Why is this OK and continues on and on with no consequences just because some of these people have a badge?

My husband was a police officer. He left the profession many years ago because he couldn’t tolerate the police brutality of his brethren and couldn’t complain because of the repercussions he would have faced. But that was in the mid ’60s. I would expect the police themselves to want to put a stop to it.

Ellie Leight, Poland

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