MEXICO — The Board of Selectmen voted Tuesday evening to amend the toll road policy, limiting toll roads to four a year on Main Street from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and one per organization per year.

The policy was effective Tuesday.

Organizations must submit a handwritten letter to selectmen and a form signed by the police chief and selectmen.

Selectman Reggie Arsenault said he was looking at the schedule for toll roads and noticed the Girls Youth Sports group had plans for one May 22, 2015, nearly six months after its last one.

“I think that if you do one, there should be a one-year period to wait before putting in for another request,” he said. “This way, other groups have a chance to do a toll road.”

The board agreed and voted unanimously to amend the policy.

Selectmen also voted to approve the Culture of Compassion organization for a toll road in the fall of 2015.

Philbrick pointed out there are already four toll road requests for 2015.

In other business, selectmen voted to appoint Mexico Trailblazers President Nick Brown as project director of a municipal grant the group is applying for.

Brown said the Trailblazers apply for the grant every year and expects to receive “around $13,000” if approved.

Selectmen and Town Manager each donated $10 to the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Program at Mountain Valley High School and $10 the Renaissance Program at Mountain Valley Middle School, for a total of $120.

Both asked for donations, but Selectman Albert Aniel said the board should not donate town money to different organizations.

“We don’t even know if (voters would) approve of the charity or not,” he said.

Selectman Byron Ouellette said that in the past, selectmen have “reached into their own pockets” when organizations ask for donations.

“Last year, we all donated $10 and were able to give $50 to the Renaissance Program,” Ouellette said. “We can probably do that again this year.”

Each member of the board donated $10 to each program, and Town Manager John Madigan donated $10 to each program.

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