I am voting for Tim Lajoie for Androscoggin County sheriff. With so many concerns with crime through the years, people can rest assured if he is elected, he will ensure the public’s safety in a way that won’t incriminate those who are innocent.

He will uphold the Constitution’s Second Amendment and will encourage citizens to respect one another’s rights.

We live in a troubled world with a breakdown of good relationships between the police and people in certain communities. There is a certain lack of trust. I am not saying that all people or police cannot be trusted but there is an adversarial relationship that isn’t working for our good.

Lajoie’s leadership from 25 years of experience, education and proven ability is what the public needs to attain a good relationship again.

I look forward to voting early for Tim Lajoie for sheriff on my absentee ballot.

Linda Wooten, Auburn

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