DEAR SUN SPOTS: We are seeking more volunteers from Androscoggin County to work with our elderly clients who are waiting for someone to visit them, provide companionship and to help them with their errands.

We really need support for some of our seniors in the Minot and Poland areas, along with the Auburn, Lewiston and Turner areas. It would be great to have a volunteer from their own community.

SEARCH (Seek Elderly Alone, Renew, Courage, & Hope) is a program of Catholic Charities. We have wonderful volunteers who are matched to our elderly clients. They provide three to four hours a week to a senior by providing home visits or by assisting them with transportation for their errands.

If you are interested in volunteering with the elderly, we would love to talk to you about joining our program and volunteering with us!

For more information about becoming a volunteer with us, please call our office at 207-784-0157. We will then send you a volunteer application and brochure.

We hope that you will join our program by becoming a volunteer and help make a difference in the life of a senior in your community! With much gratitude, — Wendy Russell, program director, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thanks for the research you do for everyone. We recently drove on Route 17 in Rangeley and stopped at the scenic overlook called Height of Land. It’s a beautiful view facing west overlooking Mooselookmeguntic Lake.

In the distance, on top of some mountains were a dozen or so wind turbines. They were quite far, but clearly visible. We were not sure if they were still in Maine, New Hampshire, or even Canada. Do you or any of your readers know what town or mountains they are in? Again, it’s facing west from Rangeley. Thank you. — No Name via email

ANSWER: Sun Spots put your question to reporters Terry Karkos and Scott Thistle, who are both very knowledgeable about that part of the state (unlike Sun Spots). They came to the conclusion that you probably saw the Kibby Mountain turbines operated by TransCanada in the Chain of Ponds area north of the town of Eustis but indeed very close to the Canadian border at Coburn Gore.

There are other possibilities. Terry noted that you can see the Record Hill Wind Project in Roxbury as you drive north on Route 17 to Height of Land if you went that way. Canada is to the north, northwest from that location.

According to Wikipedia, the only New Hampshire wind power project you might be able to see from Maine is Brookfield’s Granite Reliable Wind Farm, which has 33 wind turbines on mountains in the Phillips Brook area (near Millsfield and Dixville, N.H.).

There are other Maine wind projects, but they are not likely to be seen from that location. They include the Stetson Mountain Wind Project in Washington County way to the northeast and the Saddleback Mountain wind project in Carthage, which has three turbines up right now and that’s off to the east, too.

Sun Spots spent considerable time looking at maps and trying to figure out which was most likely, but at the end her head hurt and she still wasn’t sure. You might note the candidates on a map and try to figure it out from that.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I totally agree with the writer who criticized the new cartoonist for “Mark Trail.” He’s turned it into a ridiculous soap opera. I hope the Sun Journal drops it. — Another Disgruntled Reader

ANSWER: Sun Spots will share your thoughts with the editor. Maybe he will risk trying to cancel it again.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: For No Name looking for denture powder (Sept. 25), if her dentist fixes her dentures so they fit properly she won’t need adhesive.

If she has had her dentures for very long, she may need new ones. Every five years my nephew gets new dentures and he never needs adhesive. — Daily Reader

DEAR SUN SPOTS: On Oct. 1 requested knitters. One of your readers called, but the number I have is wrong. She knits skull caps. Please ask her to call me. Thanks. — Lori Hart, 577-7620

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