100 years ago, 1914
Announcement was made Thursday by Hall & Knight’s, the State agents for the Maxwell Motor cars, that the $40,000 film feature moving picture, “From Molten Steel to Automobile,” will he shown in Lewiston at the Gem theatre Nov. 8. The title “From Molten Steel to Automobile” tells the story in a few words of a marvelous reproduction in cinematograph of the manufacture of Maxwell automobiles. It shows the remarkable strides in development made by the manufacturers and is declared the most remarkable automobile motion picture exhibition ever produced.

50 years ago, 1964
It appears that Lewiston will become a Food Stamp area — good news for those who are now, or will be, eligible for federal assistance. The fact was noted in a communication read at the regular meeting of the Lewiston Health and Welfare Board last night. Under the new program, persons eligible for federal assistance will receive stamps which will be redeemable at any grocery store. The stamps will be turned into the cashier at the store, like money, and the store, in turn, will be able to redeem the stamps at any bank. Among the items which can not be purchased with the stamps are tobacco, liquor, and imported foods.

25 years ago, 1989
Company officials from LFC Power Systems Inc., owners of an oil-and-wood-fired incinerator near Lincoln Street, are scheduled to meet tonight with city officials and residents. The company, which is remodeling an incinerator on Hines Alley off Lincoln Street, has run into complaints on both the state and local level. The state Department of Environmental Protection says it is exceeding air pollution limits. Neighbors of the incinerator and city officials allege various city codes, especially noise levels, are being violated at the plant. The plant is shut down until Oct. 28 for construction purposes.

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