WOODSTOCK — Town Manager Vern Maxfield informed selectmen Tuesday evening that the Fire Department sold its old ladder truck for $1,912.

The board voted in September to allow the department to purchase a $49,900 firetruck from a fire department in Canton, Mass., after discovering the old ladder truck needed repairs to the turntable gears, which allow the ladder’s platform to rotate.

Maxfield said the truck was sold for salvageable material.

“That actually works out pretty well for us,” Selectman Ron Deegan said. “We only bought the truck for about $2,100, so we made out pretty good.”

“Plus we have about $800 worth of equipment from the truck that we can still sell,” Maxfield added.

In other business, selectmen voted 3-0 to officially accept a policy that outlines eligibility for having names on all future veterans memorials.


At their Oct. 7 meeting, the board agreed the policy was ready to implement but didn’t vote to accept it until Tuesday.

Deegan said he had read the final draft again and thought it was “good to go.”

Maxfield also told the selectmen that the Department of Environmental Protection had until Dec. 8 to decide if it would accept the town’s new permit for the Lake Christopher dam.

Maxfield said the DEP inspected the Lake Christopher dam and determined that 300 square feet of 10-inch rocks placed around the dam “were not a part of the original permit.” As a result, Maxfield said the town needed to fill out a new permit.

“There are emails ongoing between the engineer, Jim Sysko, and the DEP, and they have until Dec. 8 to decide whether they’re accepting the permit,” Maxfield said.

“Let me play devil’s advocate here,” Deegan said to Maxfield. “Let’s say Dec. 8 comes by and they deny our permit. What are we going to do?”

“We could call the commissioner of the DEP and figure out what to do from there,” Maxfield said.

Chairman Victor Young told the board, “We paid about $1,200 to do the work, plus a $300 fee, so we’re into this for a good chunk of change.”

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