HARRISON — The 8-week Fun, Friends and Fitness Summer Recreation Day Camp and 6-week American Red Cross “Learn to Swim” program came to a close Aug. 14.

Each week was filled with sports, games, swimming, field trips, arts & crafts, canoeing, kayaking, nutrition education and library activities.  All summer the kids learned a wide variety of sports skill and were tested during the session-end “Olympics.”

The annual Olympic Field Day attracted 56 athletes who were divided into teams of five, with one counselor or junior counselor as the leader. Each team competed in 11 events; Frisbee Toss, Tennis Ball Splash, Home Run Derby, Rubber Chicken Throw, Hockey Score, Basketball, Ring Toss, Golf Putt, Water Obstacle Course and Ping Pong.

The results are in: The Gold Guards won gold with a score of 80.2, led by team leader counselor Dimitiri DiBiase; The Tidal Wave won silver with a score of 78.4, led by team leader junior counselor Theresa Wilson; and the Silver Hawks won bronze with a score of 77.4, led by counselor Bethany Shaw. Runners up were awarded a special sports key chain.

This year the program had 12 swimmers who were eligible to swim the entire 1 1/2-mile “Swim Across Crystal Lake,” from the shores of Vacationland Campground beach to the shores of Crystal Lake Beach.

Summer resident Jamie Mazer swam the entire length in 39 minutes, one minute faster than his time last year. Amy Milo, who also summers in Harrison, reached Crystal Lake beach in 46 minutes. Her daughter, Mae Milo, and camp counselor DiBiase finished in 50 minutes. Not far behind them was Hannah Murrin, a swim aid for the Learn to Swim program, with a time of 51 min.

Everyone else arrived to the finish line in 1 hour and 10 minutes or less.

Paddling either a canoe or kayak in support of the swimmers were summer assistant Jess DiBiase, counselors Joey Gallant and Garrett Hudanish, and Joy Norkin, Julia and James Plant, Irina Norkin, Abby Morrison and Sophie Milo.

Everyone received a T-Shirt designed by Hot Colors in Oxford with “ I Swam Across Crystal Lake 2014.”

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