BRUNSWICK — Greater Brunswick PeaceWorks announces the availability of a $500 Peace Studies scholarship toward a three-credit hour online University of Maine Peace Studies course in spring semester, 2015.

The scholarship is offered by the local nonprofit group PeaceWorks, based in Brunswick, which is a source of information, education and activity for all who are interested in building a nonviolent, compassionate and cooperative society. For more information about the organization, visit or contact them at [email protected]

Peace and Reconciliation Studies is defined as the interdisciplinary examination of the conditions that make for peace, with a special emphasis on reconciliation, or forgiveness, as a vital factor in the realization of peace. It also investigates the obstacles to peace, drawing on theories and methods from diverse disciplines to focus on what makes for the development of a just and peaceful world order. Peace and Reconciliation Studies relates learning to practice and challenges those who engage in it to develop new ways of thinking and acting in the world.

Specific courses offered in the spring 2015 semester will be announced soon. Courses will be offered online through University College Bath/Brunswick.

An application for the scholarship, which can be applied toward tuition, is available at

Application deadline is Dec. 14.