People should not be misled by the claims of the so-called Mainers For Fair Bear Hunting. Very few hunters, and maybe only one guide, are in support of Question 1.

Proponents want to restore the bear hunt to … what? Not too long ago, there was a bounty on bears. They could be killed year-round.

Hunters are responsible for elevating bears to a respected big game animal, valued as a trophy, not vermin. Most bear hunters are selective about the bears they take. The best way to do that is up close, such as over bait.

If people took the time to talk to a guide or almost any bear hunter, the hunters would acknowledge they pass up a lot of small or female bears with cubs. For them, it is about the hunt, not just the kill.

Mainers For Fair Bear Hunting is funded almost entirely by The Humane Society of the United States — a very anti-hunting organization. It is using the bear hunting issue as just one more step to end all hunting.

People who do hunt or support hunting should vote “no” on Question 1.

Brian Gross, Hanover

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