DURHAM — There will be a special town meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 28, to vote on a state building and energy code and amend the town addressing ordinance.

The meeting will be held at the Durham Community School at 654 Hallowell Road.

The first article asks voters to repeal the town building code and adopt the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code, which is used by the Maine Department of Public Safety. Voters will be asked, as a part of the article, to adopt the existing fee schedules for building permits.

The new code will replace the National Electric Code, the Code for Safety to Life from Fire in Building Structures of 1985 and the National Building Code of America.

The remaining article will ask voters to amend the town addressing ordinance to, making the code enforcement officer the authority for enforcement, instead of the administrative assistant.

Copies of all the codes and ordinances will be available at the meeting.