Lisa Villa

Email address

[email protected]

Party affiliation


Legislative chamber

Maine House

Legislative district


Occupation or primary source of income

Flight attendant/legislator

Community organizations

Greater Portland Council of Governments, Executive Committee Ladies Aux. St. Johns Post

Personal information (hobbies, activities etc.)

Two children Brandon (30) and Taylor (17). Honor Flight, Maine Veteran Affairs, skiing, snowmobiling, fly fishing, remodeling my farmhouse.

Family status


Years in Legislature


Are you a Clean Election candidate?


Committee assignments you want

Judiciary; Appropriations and Financial Affairs.

Would you support expanding the state’s Medicaid program, MaineCare? Why or why not?

Yes. There are over 3,000 veterans in need of medical care who have not yet had their diagnosis qualified as “service related.” Also, basic preventative care eliminates costs for emergency-related services that come when diagnoses are not detected early.

Should Maine follow the city of Portland’s lead and legalize the possession of limited amounts of marijuana for adults over the age of 21? Why or why not?

I am not in favor of legalization. I am in favor of reducing the sentence for simple possession of marijuana from a felony to a misdemeanor charge.

Should the state of Maine continue to provide incentives for businesses and homeowners to convert or diversify energy sources to those considered renewable, like solar, wind and geothermal?

Yes. It helps to reduce costs for the homeowner and reduces our overall dependence on oil. We will never eliminate our need for oil, and that is fine, but we need to take advantage of all energy sources so we aren’t reliant on just one.

Maine’s minimum wage is $7.50 an hour. As a state lawmaker would you support increasing that minimum wage? If so, what should Maine’s minimum wage be?

We have a difficult business climate. I would support an increase of $1 per hour. Many of Maine’s businesses are small businesses which are struggling. In a stronger business climate I would support more of an increase to the minimum wage.

What issue is the most important to voters in your legislative district?

Fiscal responsibility, transparency in government and job creation.

What about you makes you the man or woman for the job?

I care about what will move Maine forward. Politics often hinders good legislative policy for our state and I always ensure my votes reflect good policy, not party political positioning.

Describe yourself in a “Tweet”

Mom, legislator, flight attendant, workhorse, and defender of underdogs everywhere. Tweets are my own.

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