FARMINGTON — Anndee Gardner is a typical first-grader, full of energy and excitement about what is happening in school. She has been inspired by the Garden Angel Project to become a gardener so that her grammy will have fresh vegetables.

Two years ago, Gardner knew nothing about growing fresh vegetables. She thought food magically appeared in the store. Her grammy and mama were Garden Angel recipients, growing their own garden boxes that year.

The little girl was fascinated watching the plants grow and finally getting to eat the fresh vegetables. She said they tasted better than the ones you get at the store. She told her friends all about it.

This year, Gardner was determined to have her own garden. She picked the spot in the yard and planted cherry tomatoes, “regular” tomatoes, pumpkins and peas. Her goal was to grow enough tomatoes to keep her grammy fed. She said her grammy loves tomatoes and eats them every day.

Her garden was very successful, and she is already planning for next year. She wants to grow the same things, plus green beans. She was very proud of her garden, and the Garden Angel Project members are very proud of her, too.

The Garden Angel Project started in 2012 to help seniors, low- and fixed-income, and disabled residents of Franklin County start gardens of their own.

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