Everyone knows that Mike Michaud is Barack Obama. They share the same ideology. Michaud is Obama. Michaud is Nancy Pelosi. Michaud is Harry Reid.

He touts his record of fighting for veterans yet there is a U.S. Marine deteriorating in a Mexican jail. What has Michaud done to get him out? Thirteen soldiers were murdered at Ft. Hood and Michaud supports calling this “workplace violence”?

Michaud is Obama.

What about the VA scandal? Michaud has used veterans as a tool to warm that seat in Washington.

Maine needs strength, not timidity. Michaud doesn’t have the moxie to be governor.

Voters can bash Gov. LePage all they want. Then, when they are in the sanctity of the voter booth, do the right thing and vote for Paul LePage. It’s OK; only they will know.

Harry Moore, Lisbon

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