Eliot Cutler will not drop out. The shrill political parties don’t own democracy, the voters do. Maine voters will decide this race.

Those who voted for Cutler in 2010 did not elect LePage; those who voted for Libby Mitchell did.

Cutler came within 1.7 percent of beating LePage. If independent Sean Moody had “dropped out,” Cutler could be running for a second term. Is anyone blaming Moody for the LePage years? Are the same people who cry for Cutler to drop out criticizing Mitchell for not dropping out in 2010?

Voters shouldn’t let the fear mongers convince them that they have to vote against someone. Who is best qualified to lead Maine forward from here? Vote for that person. Period. No games. No blame.

Sorry if this sounds curt. I have no patience with the whiners who seek to bully others into simplifying their choices. Voters don’t need fewer choices.

Rep. Terry Hayes, Buckfield

Editor’s note: Rep. Hayes is a paid staff member of the Cutler campaign.

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