1. Thornton 7-1 (Last week: 1)

Now that we’re in the playoffs, the weirder it feels not having a no-loss team in Class A.

2. Windham 7-1 (2)

Win over defending state champion Bonny Eagle certainly solidified Eagles’ for-real status moving into November. Not that it was ever in doubt.

3. Cheverus 7-1 (3)

Undefeated teams or not, you know it’s a heck of an upper echelon when the Stags are considered third-team-in and have beaten No. 1 on the road.

4. Marshwood 8-0 (5)

The never-necessary “best team in the state regardless of class?” chatter centers around the Hawks this season.

5. Bonny Eagle 5-3 (4)

This is where polls are bothersome. Other people drop really, really good Class A teams with average records below undefeated Class C teams, and it’s usually silly.

6. Brunswick 7-1 (7)

Dragons have rebounded from their annual mid-season hiccup against Messalonskee just fine, thanks.

7. Portland 5-3 (9)

The team nobody wants to see in the Class A playoffs.

8. Leavitt 7-1 (-)

Everybody had their one-year window to get back at the Hornets. How did that work out?

9. Winslow 8-0 (10)

Like the Hornets, Black Raiders will have to beat a talented archrival again before we get a Class C title rematch.

10. Bangor 5-3 (8)

I broke my own rule from earlier, but I guess you can consider this drop part of the Rams’ punishment for extracurricular foolishness.

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