OLD TOWN – A UMaine student was arrested early Sunday morning after trying to break into a Bennoch Road home while wearing a mask and armed with a gun.

At 2:51 a.m. That day the Old Town Police Department received a call of reporting a man attempting to gain entry into the residence on Bennoch Road after breaking a window. The homeowner was able to keep the man from entering the home by brandishing a rifle, however, and the man fled.

Officer Keith Emery was en route to the home when he saw a vehicle pass him in the other direction near the residence. He did not know at that time if the home invader had a vehicle, and the information he had was that the suspect was still on scene; Emery did record the vehicle’s license plate. After learning that the man took off in a vehicle headed toward Stillwater, Emery had dispatch run the plate and it was linked to Luke Cushman-Cole, 21, a student at the University of Maine.

The vehicle was located by the University Police Department and the rear plate was removed; there was also evidence of the crime in the vehicle. The vehicle was secured and later seized. Officers from Old Town, Orono, UMaine and Veazie went toCushman-Cole’s’ dorm room at Oak Hall; they briefly spoke to him through the door, before he barricaded himself in the room, screaming that they could not come in without a warrant. At that time due to the seriousness of the crime and risk of a firearm the dorm was evacuated and the Maine State Police Tactical Team was called.

During this time a perimeter was established around the dorm room. At one point while waiting for the tactical team, officers believed that they could hear Cushman-Cole attempting to harm himself, and due to those circumstances they forced entry into the room. It was determined that Cushman-Cole had indeed attempted to harm himself; he was was taken into custody after resisting arrest. Cushman-Cole initially was taken to jail, but after his injuries were reviewed, he was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center for treatment.

A search warrant was issued, and in addition to the vehicle, Cushman-Cole’s dorm room was searched. Police seized several items as potential evidence that will be tested for DNA. 

Upon Cushman-Cole’s release from the from the hospital, he was charged with burglary, criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, and criminal mischief; additional charges may follow. His bail was set at $25,000 cash.


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