LEWISTON — State election officials confirmed Wednesday that a request has been made to recount ballots in the Senate District 21 race between Democrat Nate Libby and Republican Patti Gagne.

According to unofficial results from the Lewiston city clerk’s office, Libby, a state representative and city councilor, won the Senate seat by 64 votes. In all, 13,200 ballots were cast in the race.

The race was one of two in which a recount is being requested. Under state law, candidates have until Wednesday, Nov. 12, to make a request.

Gagne, a local insurance agent, said she “was at peace” with the results from Election Day and didn’t believe the numbers would change on recount but noted the request had been made.

“I don’t expect the numbers to change because 100 percent of the ballots were counted in Lewiston last night and I think with modern technology it is probably pretty accurate,” Gagne said. 

A recount has also been requested by the Republican Party for Senate District 25 in Falmouth in which Democrat Cathy Breen won over Republican Cathy Manchester by a seven-vote margin.

The recounts have not yet been scheduled, according to an official at the Maine Secretary of State’s Office in Augusta.


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