DIXFIELD — Residents voted Tuesday evening in favor of five straw poll questions, including continuing to fund 24-hour police patrols. That question passed by a vote of 654-479.

Other questions were:

* Funding Town Office hours five days a week, approved 819-324.

* Contracting the town of Mexico for all of the remaining water and sewer billing duties, with the exception of the treasurer duties, approved 709-412.

* Seeking easements and/or measures to conserve significant scenic view locations and sites as identified in the Comprehensive Plan; approved 666-455.

* Voting on the municipal budget by written ballot at the June elections; approved 856-263.


Town Manager Carlo Puiia said the straw poll questions were only advisory votes to give selectmen direction.

Regarding the 24-hour police patrols, Selectman Dana Whittemore suggested the straw poll in September as “a way to get our finger on the pulse of the community. This way, it’ll give us some direction, so we’re not putting something on the budget that they’re not even interested in,” he said.

It was the first time the town had voted on the question in over four years, Selectman Mac Gill said.


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