People might not be aware that major prophetic events, foretold in the pages of the Bible, are coming to pass right now. There is a massive takeover of much of the Middle East by the so-called “Islamic State.”

It is a growing threat to Europe and even the United States.

ISIS, the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria, is a very powerful local terrorist organization and, probably, a reasonably powerful regional terrorist organization with global ambitions.

It has the tools — American and European passport holders. It has expressed the intent to attack the West. I believe that will come, probably sooner rather than later.

The rampaging terrorists of ISIS are already responsible for murdering thousands of men, women and children. They behead, crucify and often horribly torture their victims. Thousands of wives and daughters have been sold as sex-slaves or used for other evil purposes by those wicked men.

Throughout the Middle East, a sense of terror is being generated by that organization.

America really does need to wake up and act in a powerful way or that type of terror will start happening again and again right here within the United States.

Robert Roy, Lewiston

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