RUMFORD — The search for a Rumford teen who was missing for five hours late Thursday afternoon was found uninjured by Maine wardens, Rumford police Chief Stacy Carter said Friday.

The 15-year-old ran away from his home on South Rumford Road and was missing for two hours before Rumford police were called, Carter said. He declined to identify the boy because of his age.

Carter and two Rumford officers searched the immediate area before contacting the Maine Warden Service for assistance. Wardens were asked to help because the boy was not dressed for the cold and the area is near the Androscoggin River.

Carter said one warden with a tracking dog arrived by about 9 p.m. Two other wardens driving along South Rumford Road happened upon the teen “way out on the other end of the road,” he said.

“We had traveled up and back several times and he wasn’t on the road then, so I don’t know if he ducked into the woods or not when he saw us coming,” Carter said.

Med-Care Ambulance checked the boy for injuries and hypothermia, but Carter said he was OK and was returned to his home.

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