LEWISTON — Lewiston Middle School recently hosted the first Central Maine Math Meet of the year, said the school’s math coach and teacher Kirsten Laflin. Thirty-four teams of more than 100 seventh- and eighth-grade students competed.

Lewiston’s eighth-grade team placed fourth in the event. Lewiston’s seventh-grade team split into two teams, with one team placing third in a tie-breaker round. The other team placed fifth.

Students on the LMS seventh-grade math team are Niloy Bhattacharyya, Nathan Little, Isaha L’Heureux, Allison Saindon, Ryan Verrill, Allison Robbins, Abygail Handlon and Mohamed Adan.

Students on the eighth-grade math team are Austin Heath, Robert Shepard and Hunter Steele.

Laflin provided a few questions asked of students.

Seventh-grade questions:

Q: Ron had $150 to spend on presents for his family. If he spent $44 on shoes for his brother, and 5/4 of that on a necklace for his mom, how much did he have left for his father’s present?

(Answer: $51)

Q: What is the sum of the number of sides and vertices in a heptagon?

(Answer: 14)

Eighth-grade questions:

Q: Solve for x: 8(x+3) – 2(x+4) = 3(x-1) + 2(x+7)

(Answer: x = -5)

Q: The legs of a right triangle are 8 cm and 15 cm. Find the hypotenuse.

(Answer: 17)

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