FARMINGTON — Franklin County commissioners will hold a public hearing Tuesday, Dec. 2, on a proposed $1.2 million unorganized territory budget for 2015-16.

Commissioners have to submit the budget to the state by Dec. 31.

The meeting will be held at 9 a.m at the Franklin County Courthouse on Main Street.

The budget figure may undergo some changes when all information is finalized.

The spending package currently represents an increase of $82,105 over the current budget.

One item that may change is the $35,000 that the county has included for Land Use Planning Commission planning. It was unsure at the Nov. 18 meeting if that would be allowed in the budget.

There also may be more money added to the current $150,000 requested for paving.

One area of the budget that is up for review is snow removal. The contract for Washington and Perkins townships increased by $15,500. County Clerk Julie Magoon said previously that she added additional money to the Madrid Township snow removal contract, which is due to expire next year. She added 25 percent to the current year’s amount, given the fact that the Washington-Perkins contract increased, she said.

The proposed total for snow removal is $433,345, an increase of nearly $30,000.

The amount for waste disposal decreased by $8,476 to $134,465.

Duties of the E911 addressing agent are also increasing this year, Magoon said previously. She added $5,000 to make the budget amount $10,000 because of new guidelines and more work for the agent.

The fire protection budget projection is up about $5,928. The proposal includes $2,000 for Wilton to provide fire protection services to Washington Township.

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