As a Lisbon taxpayer and former Lisbon School Committee member, I am compelled to comment on the Sun Journal article (Dec. 3) on the French/Landry court victory — a case that shows very clearly Superintendent Rick Green’s arrogance of power. He threw everyone else under the bus while accepting no responsibility himself.

Kathy Messmer is a long-time and very honorable employee, and the School Committee members, four of whom I know from my many years on the committee, are unlikely to have originated that decision themselves.

Rick Green, whom I knew a bit as a building principal, was also honorable and well liked by his building staff. Given those qualities, I invited him to interview for the open Superintendent position. Before long, I began to observe in him an arrogance of power, along with other traits, that were unacceptable to me. Since other members did not share my views, my only option was to resign.

Sadly, for all people involved in the debacle, Green has not changed his character.

I hope that this will be a positive lesson for everyone involved.

Prudence Grant, Lisbon Falls