Is it me, or is something amiss in Lewiston’s city government? I am talking about the acquiring of a canal from Brookfield of Canada, but handing over a Lewiston-owned electric generation plant to Brookfield, plus surrendering Lewiston’s water rights.

Then there is the talk about a mega-size elementary school in Lewiston that would be for more than 1,000 students. How can the students keep from feeling impersonalized, overwhelmed and treated like just a number? In a Sun Journal story, Dec. 1, the proposed school was referred to as  a “big school with a small school atmosphere,” but that’s just an oxymoron.

Then there are the recent dealings with the owners of the Androscoggin Bank Colisee, with Lewiston taking part interest in it. So now Lewiston is a part manager of property it sold? That is troubling.

I have heard that Auburn officials, in consideration of the mutual study on consolidation of the two cities, are freezing city spending in anticipation of a possible merger of the two cities. Meanwhile, Lewiston officials are taking a spend-happy attitude. That leads me to think that a vote against consolidation is required, as Lewiston should be showing good intent so as to not financially burden Auburn in the process.  Then Auburn could reject the merger on merit.

Charles Soule, Lewiston

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