PARIS — The Wellness Committee at Maine Veterans’ Home in South Paris has recently collected recipes from staff and developed a cookbook, which has been published and is available to purchase.

The cookbook is a collection of 150 recipes, ranging from appetizers to desserts. The cost of each cookbook is $10. Books are available in the lobby of the facility at 477 High St.

The cookbook project was developed as a means of raising funds to sponsor “Grocery Day.” The second annual Grocery Day at the facility will take place in 2014. It is a day when staff members can donate a nonperishable item if able, and receive a bag full of groceries to help with the ever-rising cost of feeding a family.

The idea began in the fall of 2013, when the committee wanted to care for their own staff members. With limited funds, the group went to a local grocery store and bought as many groceries as possible. The food was organized into “themes” such as Italian night, breakfast, Mexican dinner night, etc.

For the very first grocery day, over 80 bags were given away. This year, the group has raised funds through several bake sales and this cookbook endeavor. There is anticipation of preparing up to 120 bags, and the theme for this year is a holiday meal including a gift card towards the purchase of a turkey or ham.

“Taking care of others is often very helpful to feeling good about yourself,” said Malinda Seames, wellness coordinator. “We are hoping for a successful year!”

For more information about the cookbook, or about the facility, call 743-6300.

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