JAY — The Daughters of Isabella 677 from St. Rose of Lima held a Christmas party on Dec. 3 at LaFleur’s Restaurant.

The evening festivities began with a happy hour. There was a table with snacks to munch on while everyone arrived. Elaine Castonguay was selling tickets for three beautiful prizes to win.

Everyone who had a mystery sister throughout the year brought a gift for their mystery sister. Diane Maurais and Jackie Castonguay went around the room to see who would like to have mystery sister for the coming year. Everyone was having a great time talking about what they will be doing over Christmas.

Annette Melanson gave each table blank papers for games she was in charge of; the ladies had fun answering the questions Annette was asking. After the games were done Louise Parker started up her karaoke machine.

The meal was served and Christmas carols were playing while the Daughters ate.

After everyone was done their supper it was time to finally find out who their mystery sister was for the year. The gifts were handed out and all the ladies were excited to see who their mystery sister was.

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