Parents often find themselves waiting in long lines to snag the hottest toys for children’s holiday gifts. Shoppers arrive at retail stores in droves to grab the newest video game consoles or must-have dolls or action figures.

From Cabbage Patch Dolls of the 1980s to the Elmo craze of the 1990s, every generation seems to have its own “must-have” holiday gift. This year, holiday shoppers may want to start shopping early if they hope to land any of the following items that figure to be this year’s hot toys.

“Frozen”-themed toys:

Mega-retailer Walmart predicts that toys inspired by the smash hit film “Frozen” will continue to be hot commodities this holiday season. To meet demand, the retailer already is stocking up on the popular characters and other products banking on the popularity of the film. If the special girl in your life is still enamored with all things “Frozen,” it’s a smart bet to start your holiday buying early this year.

“Hunger Games” athletic items:

Fans of the Hunger Games trilogy, be it the books, movies or both, are familiar with lead character Katniss’ prowess with a bow and arrow. Bows inspired by the movie are in demand and will appeal to both girls and boys testing their archery skills.

Beats by Dr. Dre:

Music-lovers still consider these headphones must-have items. They’re especially prevalent among the teen market. Available in a variety of colors, users can coordinate their Beats headphones with their clothing or accessories.

Lego Minecraft:

It was only a matter of time before Lego got in on the action of one of the hottest games to sweep the Internet and video game console world. Minecraft is a digital building game that has enthralled gamers of all ages. Now Minecraft enthusiasts can recreate on-screen worlds in tangible Lego versions.


Xeno is a “friend-toy” that is neither robot nor doll, but an interactive pet. Made from nontoxic elastic material and including eight sensors, the creature is a moving, reacting companion. Xeno even can dance to music. And parents will love that Xeno does not need to be taken for walks.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

On the heels of summer blockbuster inspired by these gifted turtles, fans of the weapon-swinging shelled warriors will certainly want to surround themselves with all things turtle, so expect to see plenty of movie-inspired gifts on store shelves this season.

The holiday season is on the horizon, and it’s never too early to begin shopping for the toys and games experts predict will be this year’s must-have items. 

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