FARMINGTON — Purchase of a Helping Paws pet donation package at Hannaford helps homeless animals at the Franklin County Animal Shelter.

Helping Paws is based on a similar project, Helping Hands, where shoppers purchase a box of food items for $10, and these are given to local food pantries.

The new Helping Paws provides 12 cans of cat food, three cans of dog food, a roll of paper towels and 30 ounces of bleach for the shelter. 

From a display, shoppers can take a sheet or the bag up to the cashier, store Manager Tim Bryant said. For a $10 donation, the store will provide the items to the shelter. He expects to wait until 50 or more are sold in order to provide a case lot of items, he said.

Nearly 35 bags have already been sold since the program started a couple of weeks ago, Bryant said. 

The program will continue through the holidays and probably into January. If this is successful, a similar program is likely to return around Valentine’s Day or in the spring when the shelter starts facing a high kitten count, he added.

When animal shelter Director Heidi Jordan heard about a similar Helping Paws program at the Hannaford in Rockland, she called Bryant to see if it could be done here, she said.

The shelter crew worked on a design and plans with Bryant for the display and donation, he said.

On Friday, some Helping Hands boxes were still for sale and sat next to the Helping Paws display.

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