“Native American Songs for Flute” is a collection of 52 authentic songs from 19 North American tribal cultures. Perkins travels throughout the United States researching and teaching, now that she is retired.

In her own words:

“There is something truly magical about bringing a ‘dead’ piece of wood back to life with the warmth of the human breath. Playing the Native American flute is an opening into deeper expression of self because the soul connection is undeniable. Marrying the soul is each personality’s goal, but they often take decades to meld. The Native American flute, possessing a mystical, haunting sound which summons spiritual energy, can be the vehicle that makes the union possible.

Used for Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Message work, the Native American Flute has been described as ‘Power, Meditation and Prayer through Sound.’ Those who are drawn to the compelling sound often speak of the power of this instrument to draw forth sacred personal and communal experiences. Much curiosity exists about the strength of this gentle, yet haunting and simple instrument that seems to awaken primeval memories locked deep within our souls. Is the experience of feeling summoned actually the ancients calling to us, or is it simply that our hectic lifestyles make our soul long for meditative respite? Perhaps it is both.”

Perkins has received 11 grants and has completed five artist-in-residencies. The most recent was on the Island of Nantucket for the Turkeyland Cove Foundation. This winter she will teach for Rio Salado College and the Sun City Grand Learning Center, both in Arizona. Her playing has been featured on 10 professional CDs and audio books and she has a story being published in the next “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles” series which will be available in February 2015.

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