With regard to welfare and how it is handled today, back in 1958, when I lived in Rhode Island, anyone seeking state aid had to sell their car and house and go live in a housing project. They would have to show proof of sale, not just hearsay. They would have to use public transportation.

For food, recipients of state aid were given vouchers, which listed the type of food a person could obtain. No cash was involved. If a person exceeded what was on the list, or cost, the person had to put that product back.

If a client collected a monthly check, that person had to work for the city as a security guard one week, pick up garbage for the pig farm on another week, and help clean city streets of debris from storms, or other odd jobs.

Those who did not want to sell their cars, houses, or work at those jobs did not qualify for help. Those who did qualify often found a better job and got off city or state help.

Gabrielle DeMoras, Lewiston

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