The RLRS Middle School Basketball Teams are dedicating their 2014/2015 season to our neighbor and new friend, Taylor Lane from Phillips.  Taylor is a 14 year old girl who has a rare form of Lymphoma.  She still goes to school and works as hard as she can on the basetball team while undergoing Chemotherapy.  We honored her with gifts from the community when we played them in Phillops earlier in the month, and now we would like to let her know we still have her back!  Our kids have made posters and ribbons, the Varsity Cheerleaders have created a special cheer for Taylor, and all admission money from Tuesay night will go to Taylor and her family.    If you have been wanting to come watch the middle school Rangeley Lakers play and would love to help Taylor…… please plan on joining us Tuesday night. 

Below are the details……….

  • The Phillips school bus carrying the basketball players will drop Taylor off with the Rangeley Fire Chief at 3:45 PM on Rt. 4 at the bottom of Dallas Hill Rd.  She will ride in the fire truck to the game that night and will have a police escort.  We are hoping cars will follow the fire truck to the school. 
  • The Fans and Rangeley teams will be lined up when she walks into the Rangeley School – we think about 4 PM – please join us if possible… 🙂 
  • The Boys game starts at 4:30 PM and Girls Game should start around 6 PM 
  • There will be a ceremony recognizing Taylor in between games 
  • All admission from the night will go to Taylor
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The above picture of Taylor and her new Rangeley friends was taken at the Phillips game against Rangeley earlier this month.  If you have questions please contact the Rangeley School at 864-3311 and ask for Charles Brown or you can contact Beth Eastlack at 670-5270.  Hope to see you there!!:):)

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